Saint John vs. Halifax: Game Rescheduled


Because of a severe winter storm affecting the Halifax, Nova Scotia region, tonight’s game #192 between the Saint John Sea Dogs and Halifax Mooseheads was rescheduled earlier today.

The game has been rescheduled to February 12, 2019, at 7:00 pm AT, at Halifax’s Scotiabank Centre.

Here is the official ruling for a game that is rescheduled:

1.5.6 Rescheduling of a Game 
Within two days of the postponement of a game (the given delay starts at the original date and time set for the game), both teams have to agree on a date to reschedule the game. If the teams fail to reach an agreement, the Commissioner will take the necessary steps to determine a date.

  • If the rescheduled game is a game which could not be completed because of one of the reasons enumerated in present article 1.5, the following applies:  
  • In all cases, except in the case where less than (20) minutes were played in the game, it will be entirely replayed, the score, at the time of the interruption will remain the same, all statistics will remain in the players’ file; 
  • In the case where (20) minutes or more where played, the game will continue and be clocked with the remaining time before the original game was interrupted; 
  • Each team may choose a new lineup for the continuation of the postponed game; 
  • If there were penalties being served at the time of the interruption, they will be served by the same players, or by replacement players, if the original players are not in the lineup; 
  • Players who were expulsed from the game at the time of the interruption will remain so and may not be replaced in the lineup; 
  • A team may waive its participation in a rescheduled game with the Commissioner’s consent, this withdrawal from the game will automatically be considered as a victory for the opposing team; 
  • The Commissioner may, if major circumstances require it, cancel a rescheduled game and declare a victory for the team which was leading the game at the time of the interruption; or he may give each team one (1) point if the teams were tied at the time of the interruption; 
  • In the case where a player was suspended during a game which was rescheduled, the following conditions apply: 
    • If the game was interrupted during the first period, the game suspension is not considered as having been served and will be carried over to the next immediate game, which can be the rescheduled game; 
    • If the game is interrupted after the first period, the game suspension is considered served, however if the next immediate game is the rescheduled game, that game will be used to complete the game suspension; 
    • A rescheduled game may be used to serve a game suspension for any player as long as the game lasts for a minimum time of twenty (20) minutes; 
    • If the rescheduled game takes place after the player has completed his suspension, the player may participate in the rescheduled game. 
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