Nomination Procedure

A candidate will not be considered as one of the three finalists if he has not completed at least two semesters as a major junior hockey player in spite of the quality of his academic achievements. The candidates will be mainly evaluated on the last two completed semesters.

Nomination Procedure

  • Each candidate must present a complete file (maximum 30 pages), including news clippings and photos.
  • The best potential candidates will be interviewed via videoconference in order to select three finalists.
  • The selected finalists will be called in for an interview with the selection committee.

A – Academic information

  • Recommendation from the Academic Advisor of the team
  • Most recent transcript from his last year of High School
  • Most recent transcript, if applicable, from college or university
  • The list of ongoing courses, including those from which the final marks are still unknown
  • Honours as a student

B- Sports Related Information

  • Recommendation from the Head Coach underlining the following elements:
    • Leadership
    • Personal discipline
    • Role in the team
    • Determination
    • Other relevant element
  • Significant statistics
  • Honours as a junior hockey player

C- Personal Information

  • The candidate must indicate the reasons why he thinks he should be chosen to win the Marcel-Robert Trophy (250 words approximately).


Selection Procedures

  • A committee will select three finalists among the best candidates, following a preselection which will be made via videoconference. The decision will be based on the combined value of academic and hockey performances.
  • The finalists will be invited for interviews. The Marcel-Robert Committee will then assess the finalists’ sports and academic records, as well as their general culture and critical-thinking skills.
  • The winner of the Marcel-Robert Trophy will be announced at the Golden Puck Awards.
  • All players nominated by their respective team will be entitled to a $400 scholarship.
  • The three finalists will also receive an additional amount of $600.
  • The winner of the Marcel-Robert trophy will receive an additional scholarship of $1500 at the Golden Puck Awards.

Marcel-Robert Committee – five representatives (Sports reporter, U Sports, Alliance-Sport-Études, Sponsor and one former recipient of the Marcel-Robert Trophy)