Next Q Insiders Contest | Beckett Quinn (CHA)



Hey, I’m Beckett Quinn and without sports my life would be incomplete. Most people who know me would describe me as active, social and well-balanced. I know that it’s because of my intense involvement in sports that these attributes describe me well.

As a 12-year-old boy, it would be easy to stay indoors for hours playing Xbox, watching YouTube or browsing TikTok. However, playing golf and baseball all summer, and hockey and curling the rest of the year leaves little time to be lazy and inactive. In order to keep up with these activities, it’s important to eat and sleep well to maximize my performance. For example, the night before a big game, I’ve learned that it’s best NOT to fill your plate twice or stay up too late – trust me!

Another benefit of playing sports is making friends from across the province. With each sport you play, you have more opportunities to meet people. Like my dad, I have made many friendships through sports that will last for years to come.

Whether I make it to the NHL or not, I plan to live a healthy, active and social lifestyle for the rest of my life.