Gervais-Munger Award


The Award for Academic Perseverance is presented annually to a player from each of the 18 QMJHL teams, who has distinguished himself through his efforts and his perseverance in his academic progress. This award comes with a $500 scholarship from the QMJHL Foundation.

Through the Gervais-Munger Award for Academic Perseverance, the QMJHL wishes to showcase players who, through their school career, have demonstrated rigor, diligence, and perseverance to ensure their academic success.

Knowing that a student’s academic career is rarely perfect and sometimes fraught with pitfalls, recipients must demonstrate their perseverance in overcoming these obstacles and their determination to achieve their academic goals.

To win the Gervais-Munger Award for Academic Perseverance, the player must meet the following criteria:

  • Respect school policy,
  • Demonstrate that he puts the necessary effort into his studies;
  • Demonstrate that he has been able to overcome obstacles in his schooling;
  • Be diligent in his courses and school work;
  • Use the resources available to him;
  • Be a model of perseverance for other players.

It is important to mention that the Award for Academic Perseverance is not necessarily awarded to players who achieve excellent academic results, but also to those who demonstrate perseverance even if they have certain difficulties in their studies or face other obstacles.

The Award for Academic Perseverance is dedicated to the memory of Gervais Munger, former player and governor of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens, for whom the optimization of the players’ academic supervision remained a passion that continuously guided his actions.