The Pandemic Heroes | Nathalie Beaulac (BLB)


The Blainville-Boisbriand Armada followed up with one of the franchise’s die-hard fans, Mrs. Nathalie Beaulac, to better understand the important role that she is playing during this pandemic. Here’s what she had to share:

“For over 11 years now, I’ve been a blood bank and hematology biomedical technologist. And soon it’ll be two years since I’ve become a bank coordinator.

To sum it all up, the work I do at the bank consists of analyzing blood groups and blood antibodies (that certain people develop following a blood transfusion or a pregnancy, for example).

We also distribute various blood products (such as packed cells, plasma, platelets, immunoglobulin, albumin, etc.), whenever doctors request them. All these products come from Héma-Québec.

During the Covid crisis, a Canadian clinical study is being held in my hospital (Cité de la santé, in Laval). The process consists of transfusing the plasmas of people who had Covid-19 already (and who have the antibodies), to other infected patients taking part in the research in order to lower their risk of intubation and even death.

It’s an important team of doctors that is overseeing this study, while we help them out by taking care of the blood group analysis and by handling the plasma orders. “

While Nathalie loves her job and feels privileged of being able to directly contribute to society’s well-being, she’s still eager for things to get back to normal, and especially excited to rekindle with her beloved Armada!

“Last year, it was our first year as season ticket holders. My daughter Océanne and I, we’ve been proud Armada fans for over three years now. She was also a volunteer at my hospital back at the start of the pandemic.”

In the name of the entire QMJHL family, thank you to Nathalie and Océanne for all their contributions during this Covid-19 crisis!

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