Airmedic and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) are proud to announce a partnership agreement that provides all league players with Airmedic coverage. Under the agreement, if league players are involved in an accident or become ill in Quebec and require emergency helicopter or air ambulance service, they can count on Airmedic to be there for them, free of charge. 

“This partnership is in keeping with Airmedic’s mission to preserve and save lives by providing emergency helicopter and air ambulance services to everyone in the province,” said Christian Trudeau, Airmedic president and CEO. “Airmedic coverage can give peace of mind to QMJHL players and their parents, some of whom live far away from their sons, if a serious accident were to occur.” 

“This is a wonderful agreement for both the players and the league,” stated QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau. “We are always evaluating new initiatives to improve our players’ well-being and safety and increase the support we can provide for them. The fact that we can count on this kind of emergency helicopter and air ambulance service gives them yet another layer of protection.”

An essential service for the province

Several factors paved the way for Airmedic to develop a strong presence in the world of emergency medical care. Paramount among them is the need to treat injured patients immediately, within the time period known as the “golden hour”—often a matter of life and death in emergency medical situations. The golden hour principle holds that administering care within 60 minutes of a traumatic injury can decrease the risk of death, complications, and long-term consequences.   

In fulfilling its mission, Airmedic relies on a dedicated and proven staff of nearly 100 professionals. Its intervention teams are composed of seasoned pilots, a medical director specializing in emergency medicine, and experienced nurses and paramedics with special aeromedical training.

About Airmedic

Airmedic provides emergency helicopter and airplane services to the people, businesses, and hospitals of Quebec, anywhere in the province. Airmedic’s state-of-the-art fleet flies out of five strategically located bases in Saint-Hubert, the Laurentians, Quebec City, Saguenay, and Chibougamau. Annual Airmedic coverage starts at $120 (individual coverage) and can be purchased online at

About the QMJHL

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s mission is to develop players for professional hockey while supporting them throughout their academic endeavors in order to mold them into responsible and educated citizens. It must offer high entertainment value within a profitable framework in order to ensure the continued success of its activities.

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